floatwork_ has been around since 2011. Our team consists of communicative, open, interested people. Our office is in the 5th disctrict, opposite the beautiful Margaretenhof and close to Pilgramgasse. 

The team consists of screen designers, web developers and a project manager. We do not only like working together, from time to time we enjoy cooking lunch or having drinks after work.

Work with us

Open Offers

Senior Full Stack Wordpress Developer


We are looking for an experienced fullstack/backend developer for the conception and implementation of intuitive backends and frontend delivery.

Your tasks in our team will include the conception and dynamization of HTML-frontend-views in MVC-structure (Sage-Theme-Basis based on Lavarel), the connection of PWAs to data sources and the implementation of automated data transfers from endpoints to databases. 

Your qualifications:

Sound experience in the realisation of Wordpress projects and custom themes in object oriented PHP, mySQL and JSON data handling.
Our team is working with following technologies: Vue, Svelte, Laravel, Wordpress, Blade, Javascript, PHP, mySQL, JSON-Daten, HTML, Tailwind, SCSS, Git, Vite, PWAs.

We offer a friendly work environment with flexible working hours and home office. 

Enough of the cheesy stuff: get in touch, come over, let's get to know each other!